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Belfast Film Studios

Belfast Film Studios

Supply, installation and commissioning of natural smoke ventilation systems

Belfast’s newest film studio based at Giant’s Park, Belfast, includes more than 120,000 sq ft of studios, workshops and offices. The film studio takes up 8 acres of the overall 340 acre Giant’s Park/North Foreshore site.

We have been awarded this project to supply, install and commission natural smoke ventilation systems. These systems are put in place to help control the movement of smoke during a fire. By keeping escape routes such as corridors and staircases clear, smoke ventilation systems allow for the safe and compliant evacuation of buildings and provide suitable access into the building for the fire services.

The design of these studios has determined which ventilation system is most appropriate, with British Standard (BS) requirements varying depending on a building’s height and the distance from the furthest entrance door to the nearest escape route.

Natural ventilation is a method of supplying fresh air to a building or room by means of passive forces, typically by wind speed or differences in pressure internally and externally.

We are really looking forward to getting started on this project.

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