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Smoke and Fire Curtains

These play a crucial role limiting spread, providing occupants with valuable time to evacuate.

Smoke and fire curtains are important safety features in buildings because they play a crucial role in containing smoke and fire, limiting their spread and providing occupants with valuable time to evacuate.

Here are a few reasons why these curtains are important:

Fire Containment

Smoke and fire curtains act as barriers, preventing the rapid spread of fire within a building. They are designed to descend automatically during a fire incident, compartmentalising the affected area and preventing the fire from spreading to other parts of the building.

Smoke Control

Smoke curtains are specifically designed to restrict the movement of smoke, preventing it from spreading to other areas of the building. By containing and controlling the smoke, these curtains help create clear escape routes and improve the chances of a successful evacuation.

Enhanced Evacuation Time

By slowing down the spread of fire and smoke, these curtains create safe zones and clear pathways, allowing people to exit the building more easily. This additional evacuation time can be critical in saving lives, especially in larger buildings or during emergency situations where rapid evacuation is challenging.

Property Protection

In addition to safeguarding human life, these curtains help protect property by limiting the damage caused by fire and smoke. By confining the fire to a specific area, these curtains reduce the potential for extensive structural damage, minimising repair and reconstruction costs.

These curtains are essential safety measures that help contain fire, control smoke, provide clear evacuation routes, and protect both lives and property. They are an integral part of building fire safety systems and significantly contribute to mitigating the risks associated with fires.

What is the difference between a smoke curtain and a fire curtain?

The main difference between a smoke curtain and a fire curtain lies in their intended purpose and functionality during a fire incident. Smoke curtains control the movement and spread of smoke, while fire curtains block the passage of flames and heat, containing the fire itself:

Smoke Curtain

A smoke curtain is primarily designed to control the movement and spread of smoke within a building during a fire. It is typically made of fire-resistant fabric or material and is deployed to create a barrier that restricts the movement of smoke from one area to another. Smoke curtains help compartmentalise the building, preventing smoke from spreading to unaffected areas and providing clearer escape routes for occupants. They are particularly effective in large open spaces, such as atriums or shopping malls, where smoke can easily travel long distances.

Fire Curtain

A fire curtain is specifically designed to prevent the spread of fire itself. It is made of fire-resistant materials, such as steel or fiberglass, and is deployed to create a physical barrier that blocks the passage of flames and heat. Fire curtains are often used in openings such as doorways, windows, or openings between different fire compartments. When activated, they descend vertically to seal off the opening, preventing fire from spreading and providing additional time for occupants to evacuate safely.

Working With G.S Stothers

G.S Stothers Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Ltd. specialises in the design, installation and servicing of bespoke, certified fire and smoke barrier systems available for commercial and industrial use. Our work with smoke and fire curtains within the industry ensures you are in safe hands when it comes to considering what type of curtain best suits your individual needs.

“G.S Stothers M&E Engineering Ltd have been involved with Castlecourt Shopping Centre since the Cnetre opened. Their continued support combined with system/equipment familiarity along with unequalled knowledge and expertise has been fundamental in maintaining the Centres system to the highest standard for approx. 30 years.”
Paul Relph
Operations Manager, Castlecourt Shopping Centre

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