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May 20, 2024
Smoke Ventilation Design Considerations: Key Factors for Effective System Implementation

Designing an effective smoke ventilation system is critical to ensuring building safety and compliance with fire safety regulations. Whether for commercial, residential, or industrial buildings, the right design can mean the difference between a manageable situation and a catastrophic event in the case of a fire. Here are the key factors to consider for the […]

May 20, 2024
Maximising Energy Efficiency with Smoke Ventilation Systems: Tips and Best Practices

In today's world, where energy efficiency is a key consideration for both environmental sustainability and cost savings, integrating smoke ventilation systems that optimise energy use is crucial. Smoke ventilation systems play a vital role in enhancing building safety during a fire by expelling smoke and maintaining clear escape routes. However, they can also contribute significantly […]

May 14, 2024
Ensuring Building Safety With Smoke Ventilation

G.S Stothers' Smoke Ventilation Solutions Building safety is a paramount concern for property owners, managers, and occupants. One of the critical aspects of ensuring safety in commercial and residential buildings is the effective management of smoke in the event of a fire. G.S Stothers Smoke Ventilation Specialists, with over four decades of industry expertise, provide […]

May 14, 2024
The Benefits of Natural Smoke Ventilation Systems in Commercial Buildings

Natural smoke ventilation systems have emerged as a popular and effective solution for enhancing safety and comfort in commercial buildings. These systems leverage natural forces such as wind and thermal buoyancy to control the spread of smoke and heat during a fire. In this article, we explore the myriad benefits of natural smoke ventilation systems […]

May 14, 2024
Compliance with Smoke Ventilation Regulations

A Legal Obligation for Building Owners in NI and UK Ensuring the safety of building occupants is a paramount responsibility for property owners and managers. Among the various safety measures, compliance with smoke ventilation regulations stands out as a critical legal obligation. This article explores the importance of adhering to these regulations, the specific requirements […]

May 14, 2024
Understanding the Role of AOVs in Fire Safety: Everything You Need to Know

Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) are crucial components in modern fire safety systems. Their primary role is to enhance the safety of building occupants by providing a controlled and efficient means of smoke ventilation during a fire. This article delves into the function, benefits, and regulatory requirements associated with AOVs, shedding light on why they are […]

May 14, 2024
How Smoke Ventilation Systems Enhance Building Safety

Building safety is always a top concern for architects, engineers, and property managers, particularly in the context of fire safety. Smoke ventilation systems are critical components in this regard, designed to manage and mitigate the dangers associated with smoke during a fire. These systems encompass a range of technologies, including mechanical and natural smoke ventilation, […]

May 6, 2024
The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Smoke Ventilation Systems

When it comes to building safety, regular maintenance of smoke ventilation systems is a critical component in safeguarding occupants and protecting properties during fire emergencies. These systems play a pivotal role in controlling the movement of smoke, ensuring clear escape routes, and facilitating the swift response of firefighting personnel. Like any mechanical system, smoke ventilation […]

April 9, 2024
The Role of Upgrading Smoke Ventilation Systems

Smoke ventilation systems are indispensable elements when it comes to building safety, tasked with ensuring the swift evacuation of occupants and mitigating the spread of smoke during fire emergencies. As regulatory standards evolve and safety protocols become more stringent, the imperative to upgrade smoke ventilation systems grows. This article looks at the profound significance of […]

March 20, 2024
The Hidden Dangers of Ignoring Smoke Control Repairs

When it comes to building safety, few elements are as critical as effective smoke control systems. These systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding occupants and minimising property damage in the event of a fire. However, despite their importance, smoke control systems are often overlooked or neglected, leaving buildings vulnerable to a host of dangers. […]

March 19, 2024
Case Study: Bolands Quay, Dublin

Ensuring Safe Means of Escape with Colt UK Shafts and MOE Stair Cores Project Overview The Bolands Quay regeneration project in Dublin stands as one of the city's largest and most ambitious endeavours to date. The project rejuvenated the Docklands' historic industrial warehouses, adding a contemporary touch while preserving Ireland's rich heritage. Bolands Quay will […]

March 11, 2024
Understanding AOV Systems: Enhancing Fire Safety in Buildings

In the landscape of fire safety, Automated Opening Vent (AOV) systems serve as a critical mechanism for safeguarding occupants and mitigating the spread of smoke in the event of a fire. But what exactly constitutes an AOV system, and how does it contribute to overall building safety? AOV systems are engineered to automatically open vents […]

February 5, 2024
Understanding Smoke Containment Systems

Smoke containment systems play a critical role in ensuring the safety of occupants and protecting buildings during a fire incident. These systems are designed to control the movement of smoke, allowing for a clear evacuation path and aiding firefighting efforts. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the key aspects of smoke containment systems, […]

January 29, 2024
AOVs vs. SHEVs in Smoke Ventilation Systems

AOVs vs. SHEVs - When it comes to smoke ventilation systems, two terms often come into play: Automatic Opening Vents (AOVs) and Smoke and Heat Exhaust Vents (SHEVs). While they share the common goal of enhancing fire safety by facilitating the removal of smoke from enclosed spaces, there are nuanced differences between the two. Understanding […]

January 10, 2024
The Crucial Role of Pressurisation Systems

In the dynamic landscape of modern architecture, where soaring structures define city skylines, ensuring the safety of occupants during a fire emergency is vital. Among the various fire safety measures, pressurisation systems, also known as pressure differential systems, stand out as critical components that play a crucial role in maintaining clear evacuation routes and protecting […]

January 4, 2024
Navigating Compliance in High-Rise Residential Smoke Control Design

As an architect, ensuring the safety and well-being of occupants in high-rise residential buildings is paramount. Our latest blog provides an architect's guide to compliant smoke control design, keeping you abreast of the current legal landscape, particularly within the framework of the Building Safety Act. Current Regulatory Framework The UK's legal framework for smoke ventilation […]

November 16, 2023
Case Study: G.S Stothers and Boojum Restaurants

G.S Stothers Elevating Operational Excellence for Boojum Restaurants Boojum, the popular chain of Mexican fast-food restaurants, has been a culinary sensation since its establishment in 2007. With a commitment to delivering mouth watering Mexican cuisine, Boojum has grown to operate 15 outlets across the Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Their innovative approach extends […]

November 13, 2023
Safeguarding Historic Buildings with Smoke Ventilation

Historic buildings are an integral part of our cultural heritage, reflecting the architectural and artistic achievements of bygone eras. Preserving these structures is not only essential for our cultural identity but also a testament to our commitment to the past. However, safeguarding historic buildings poses unique challenges, particularly when it comes to enhancing their safety […]

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