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Boland’s Quay, Dublin (Boland’s Mill)

Boland’s Quay, Dublin (Boland’s Mill)

Commissioning of Colt shaft and MOE stair cores

We have recently been involved with the Bolands Quay regeneration project in Dublin.

The scheme behind Bolands Quay, one of Dublin’s largest to date, breathes new life into the Docklands’ industrial warehouses – a cornerstone of Irish history.

We were responsible for the commissioning of a Colt UK shaft and MOE stair cores throughout the Bolands Mills section of this project.

In multi-storey residential buildings, the primary escape route for occupants is through common corridors and/or lobbies leading to staircases. The objective is to maintain staircases as smoke-free areas and improve the conditions in corridors and lobbies connected to the stairs.

During a fire incident, when the door to a burning apartment is open, a significant amount of smoke can quickly fill the corridor or lobby, posing difficulties for occupants attempting to escape. To ensure the safety of residents, legislation has imposed specific regulations. Fire doors in corridors are limited to a maximum distance of 30 meters, and dead-end corridors are restricted to a length of 7.5 meters. These measures aim to minimise the distance individuals may have to travel through smoke-filled areas. (BS 9991 permits a distance of 15 meters if the apartments are equipped with sprinkler systems.)

Furthermore, if smoke infiltrates the staircases, it can create challenges for occupants on other floors, as well as hinder the entry and deployment of firefighting personnel. To address this critical issue, smoke control systems are installed in each staircase, as well as in the lobbies or corridors that connect to them. These systems effectively prevent smoke from spreading into the stairs. Ventilation can be achieved through natural or mechanical means, or by employing pressurisation systems.

By implementing these comprehensive smoke control measures, multi-storey residential buildings can significantly enhance the safety and well-being of occupants, facilitating efficient evacuation and enabling prompt fire service response in case of emergencies.

Bolands Mills will open in 2024 and will be a place for people to work, live, shop, eat and soak up the local culture as well as a bustling, central location for anyone hoping to grow their business.

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