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Café Roc, Londonderry / Derry

Café Roc, Londonderry / Derry

Design, supply, installation and commission of natural smoke ventilation systems

The redevelopment of the former Café Roc Bar and NightClub on Derry’s Strand Road will provide 27 self-contained apartment accommodation units. We can’t wait to see this project when it is finished.

We are responsible for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the natural smoke ventilation systems.

A building’s design will often determine which ventilation system is most appropriate, with British Standard (BS) requirements varying depending on a building’s height and the distance from the furthest entrance door to the nearest escape route.

Natural ventilation is a method of supplying fresh air to a building or room by means of passive forces, typically by wind speed or differences in pressure internally and externally.

These systems can vent directly through external walls and roofs using windows, louvres and roof lights, or through internal smoke shafts using smoke dampers.

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