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DVA, Hydebank 

DVA, Hydebank 

Supply, installation and Commissioning of the Heat and Fume Exhaust System

We are thrilled to announce our involvement in the prestigious £16 million Test Centre and Operational Depot project for the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) at Hydebank, Belfast. As part of this exciting development, we have been entrusted with the responsibility of supplying, installing, and commissioning the Car Park Heat and Fume Exhaust System.

In addition to the vehicle testing facility, the new build will include associated offices, landscaping, car parking, retaining walls and improvements to the sections of the access road from junction of the Milltown Road and Hospital Road.

Car park heat and fume exhaust systems are vital ventilation solutions designed to effectively manage temperature and eliminate hazardous gases and fumes from enclosed parking areas. These systems incorporate strategically positioned fans, ductwork, and exhaust outlets throughout the car park, ensuring optimal performance and safety.

The primary function of a car park heat exhaust system is to extract hot air generated by vehicles, preventing excessive heat build-up and enhancing the overall comfort and safety of the parking facility. By efficiently removing heat, our system contributes to a more pleasant environment for both drivers and pedestrians.

In cases where natural ventilation alone is insufficient due to the car park's design, our mechanical ventilation system becomes a crucial addition. This independent system is specifically designed to achieve 10 air changes per hour in the event of a fire, ensuring the highest level of safety. All components of our system strictly adhere to the standards outlined in BS EN 12101-3:2002, guaranteeing compliance with Smoke and Heat Control Systems specification for powered smoke and heat exhaust ventilators.

Working with G.S Stothers Smoke Ventilation Specialists

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of the DVA Hydebank project. Our experienced team will ensure the seamless supply, installation, and commissioning of the Heat and Fume Exhaust System, meeting the highest standards of quality and performance.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress with this exciting project. For all your car park ventilation needs, trust GS Stothers for reliable and innovative solutions that prioritize safety and comfort.

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