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Lidl Distribution Centre, Nutts Corner

Lidl Distribution Centre, Nutts Corner

Replacement / upgrade of existing natural smoke ventilation system

We are looking forward to carrying out the refurbishment works to the smoke ventilation system throughout the Lidl Distribution Centre.

Smoke and heat ventilation systems (SHEVs) form part of a building's "Life Safety Systems" - a term used to describe essential things put in place in order to save lives. These systems are designed to facilitate the safe escape of occupants in the event of a fire and also enable the fire to be fought in its early stages.

These systems are put in place to help control the movement of smoke during a fire. By keeping escape routes such as corridors and staircases clear, smoke ventilation systems allow for the safe and compliant evacuation of buildings and provide suitable access into the building for the fire services.

Smoke ventilation saves lives and it is absolutely essential that your system is maintained and serviced on a regular basis to ensure that it works correctly when activated during a fire

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