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Lime Street, Dublin

Lime Street, Dublin

Installation and commissioning of commercial mechanical smoke shafts

We are excited to have started work on One Lime Street in Dublin. We are responsible for the installation and commissioning of commercial smoke shafts. This bright, open, development situated in the heart of the Silicon Docks. It will feature 216 apartments with private balconies or terraces.

Work on Block One has commenced. It consists of 2No mechanical smoke shafts and 1No means of escape stairwell, ensuring safety of all future residents.

The installation and commissioning of commercial mechanical smoke shafts is a critical aspect of building fire safety systems. These smoke shafts play a vital role in effectively managing smoke. They ensure the safety of building occupants during a fire incident.

The installation process involves strategically positioning mechanical smoke shafts throughout the building, typically in stairwells or designated smoke evacuation zones. These shafts are designed to extract smoke and hot gases from the affected areas and exhaust them safely outside the building.

During the commissioning phase, thorough testing and fine-tuning of the mechanical smoke shafts are carried out to ensure their optimal performance. This includes checking the functionality of smoke dampers, fans, control panels, and other components to ensure they operate seamlessly.

Commissioning also involves verifying the smoke shafts' compliance with relevant fire safety regulations and standards, such as the British Standard (BS) requirements. This ensures that the systems are designed, installed, and commissioned in accordance with industry best practices, providing a reliable and efficient smoke control solution.

Working with G.S Stothers Smoke Ventilation Specialists

By working with us, you can trust that the installation and commissioning of commercial mechanical smoke shafts will be carried out with precision and expertise. Our team of experts ensures that the systems are installed correctly. We ensure they are meticulously tested, and calibrated to deliver optimal smoke control performance in the event of a fire.

Choose G.S Stothers for your commercial mechanical smoke shaft needs, and rest assured that you'll have a robust and compliant smoke control system in place, providing enhanced safety for your building and its occupants.

We can't wait watch this project come to life.

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