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Mater Hospital, Belfast

Mater Hospital, Belfast

Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Stairwell Smoke Control System

G.S Stothers recently completed project work at the Mater Hospital in Belfast, focusing on the supply, installation, and commissioning of advanced stairwell smoke ventilation systems. In modern building design, these systems are not mere additions but indispensable lifelines designed to ensure the safety of occupants during fire emergencies.

Engineering Precision in Stairwell Smoke Control Systems

The meticulous design of these systems involves a comprehensive approach. Factors such as building size, layout, occupancy, and adherence to fire safety regulations are meticulously considered. Components such as smoke vents, fire-rated dampers, fans, and control panels are strategically positioned within the stairwell, meeting stringent building codes and standards to guarantee compliance and reliability.

Strategic Integration

Seamlessly integrated into the overall building design, these systems offer more than compliance; they provide peace of mind. In the unfortunate event of a fire emergency, occupants can rely on a clear and unobstructed path for evacuation. This strategic integration is a testament to our commitment to engineering excellence and ensuring the safety of those within the Mater Hospital.


The Mater Hospital project exemplifies our dedication to creating robust fire safety solutions. By deploying state-of-the-art stairwell smoke ventilation systems, we not only meet regulatory requirements but elevate the safety standards of the hospital, contributing to the overall resilience of this essential healthcare facility. Our work at Mater Hospital reinforces our commitment to creating safer environments through innovative and meticulously engineered solutions.

Working With G.S Stothers

With decades of experience in the field, G.S Stothers brings unparalleled expertise to projects involving smoke control systems. Our team understands that these systems are not only about compliance but are crucial elements in ensuring the safety and well-being of building occupants. Over the years, we have successfully designed, installed, and commissioned a multitude of smoke control systems, each tailored to the unique needs and challenges of diverse structures. Our commitment to engineering excellence and continuous innovation ensures that our solutions not only meet but exceed industry standards. The Mater Hospital project is a testament to our proficiency in creating reliable and effective smoke ventilation systems, contributing to the overall safety and resilience of the healthcare environment.

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