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Paper Exchange, Belfast

Paper Exchange, Belfast

Design, Supply, installation and commissioning of mechanical smoke ventilation system

We have been working on The Paper Exchange, which comprises of 11 storeys and 155,133 sq ft of grade A office accommodation at the heart of Belfast City.

We are proud to be responsible for the supply, installation and commissioning of 2No mechanical smoke shafts within this world class space.

Mechanical smoke shafts are essential components of smoke control systems in buildings. These systems are designed to ensure the safe evacuation of occupants and facilitate the ingress of firefighting personnel by preventing the spread of smoke in case of a fire. "2No mechanical smoke shafts" refers to the presence of two mechanical smoke shafts within a building.

Mechanical smoke shafts are vertical shafts specifically designed to extract smoke from a building, particularly from common areas such as lobbies, corridors, and stairwells. These shafts are typically equipped with mechanical ventilation systems, including fans and ductwork, which create a controlled airflow to remove smoke and maintain tenable conditions for evacuation.

The purpose of having two mechanical smoke shafts is to provide redundancy and enhance the effectiveness of smoke control. In the event of a fire, both smoke shafts can operate simultaneously, increasing the capacity to extract smoke and reduce the risk of smoke inhalation for occupants. The redundancy ensures that if one smoke shaft fails or becomes overloaded, the other one can continue to function, minimising the impact on the overall smoke control system.

The design and installation of mechanical smoke shafts should comply with relevant building codes and standards, which outline specific requirements for their capacity, operation, and integration with fire detection and control systems. These standards typically include guidelines on the size and positioning of the shafts, the airflow rates required for effective smoke extraction, and the provision of fire dampers to prevent the spread of fire through the shafts.

By incorporating two mechanical smoke shafts in a building, the aim is to enhance the safety of occupants during a fire emergency by efficiently managing smoke movement and maintaining clear escape routes.

Being a member of the Smoke Control Association and certified to SDI19 by the IFC, our team ensure that only tested and certified products are provided. Contact us now to book a site survey, or read more about mechanical smoke ventilation systems here.

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