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Ulster Hospital, Steam Energy Centre

Ulster Hospital, Steam Energy Centre

Supply of COLT Lite Glazed Walling

We were thrilled to collaborate with the Ulster Hospital, contributing our expertise to the installation of Colt Lite Glazed Walling within their Steam Energy Centre. This innovative glazing system is renowned for its adaptability and functionality, making it a sought-after choice for diverse commercial and industrial projects.

The Colt Lite Glazed Walling serves as a versatile and high-performance natural louvred ventilator, designed to fulfill both daily building ventilation requirements and crucial smoke control capabilities. Its application is particularly effective in naturally ventilated structures, emphasising efficient aerodynamics and measured free area ventilation. Noteworthy for its outstanding performance in acoustics, thermal insulation, and aerodynamics, this system plays a pivotal role in creating a well-ventilated and secure environment.

Beyond its role as glazed elements in building envelopes, these ventilators are engineered to function as high-specification fire, smoke, and air control dampers. Their adaptability extends to various installations, including hospitals, schools, shopping centers, apartments, and other commercial buildings.

Recognised for their dual-purpose functionality, these ventilators seamlessly integrate regular and smoke control ventilation. Configurable for both low-level air intake and high-level extraction, they also serve as termination pieces for substantial ducted or air handling systems. Versions featuring glass panels facilitate the influx of natural daylight, and a diverse selection of infill panels allows customisation. The control options span from pneumatic and electronic systems to manual operation, with a range of louvre types, accessories, and finishes tailored to specific requirements.


Our proficiency in the comprehensive life cycle of these systems, from design and supply to installation and commissioning, ensures that our clients receive a bespoke solution meeting their unique needs and complying with the industry's highest standards. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and elevate your ventilation strategy.

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